Quantum Rehab EDGE 3 with TRU-Balance 3 Positioning

[Made in America of foreign and domestic parts]

Get the Edge 3 with iLevel!

The design of the Edge 3 is for the most advanced power chair experience ever! Upgraded SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) provides a smooth, comfortable ride and advanced stability. Optional iLevel® is available at 4.5 mph with up to 12″ of power-adjustable seat height. Standard features include front and rear LED fender lights, a USB charger, and drive wheel color accents. The Edge 3 is available in a total of 20 color options, including seven brand-new, bold colors.


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1 review for Quantum Rehab EDGE 3 with TRU-Balance 3 Positioning

  1. Lauren Konopke

    I need this power wheelchair

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